Bonnie Raitt - Original Album Series - 5 CD Box Set

Bonnie Raitt - Original Album Series - 5 CD Box Set
Bonnie Raitt - Original Album Series - 5 CD Box Set

Bonnie Raitt - Original Album Series - 5 CD Box Set


This five CD set contains a quintet of albums from the American singer/songwriter. Each album comes in a mini-LP sleeve with all housed in attractive slipcase. Includes the albums Streetlights, Home Plate, Sweet Forgiveness, The Glow and Green Light.

  1. Disc: 1

    1. That Song About The Midway (Lp Version)
    2. Rainy Day Man (Lp Version)
    3. Angel From Montgomery (Lp Version)
    4. I Got Plenty (Lp Version)
    5. Streetlights (Lp Version)
    6. What Is Success (Lp Version)
    7. Ain't Nobody Home (Lp Version)
    8. Everything That Touches You (Lp Version)
    9. Got You On My Mind (Lp Version)
    10. You Gotta Be Ready For Love (If You Wanna Be Mine) (Lp Version)

    Disc: 2

    1. What Do You Want The Boy To Do? (Remastered Album Version)
    2. Good Enough (Remastered Album Version)
    3. Run Like A Thief (Remastered Album Version)
    4. Fool Yourself (Remastered Album Version)
    5. My First Night Alone Without You (Remastered Album Version)
    6. Walk Out The Front Door (Remastered Album Version)
    7. Sugar Mama (Remastered Album Version)
    8. Pleasin' Each Other (Remasterd Album Version)
    9. I'm Blowin' Away (Remastered Album Version)
    10. Your Sweet And Shiny Eyes (Remastered Album Version)

    Disc: 3

    1. About To Make Me Leave Home (Lp Version)
    2. Runaway (Lp Version)
    3. Two Lives (Lp Version)
    4. Louise (Lp Version)
    5. Gamblin' Man (Lp Version)
    6. Sweet Forgiveness (Lp Version)
    7. My Opening Farewell (Lp Version)
    8. Three Time Loser (Lp Version)
    9. Takin' My Time (Lp Version)
    10. Home (Lp Version)

    Disc: 4

    1. I Thank You (Album Release)
    2. Your Good Thing (Is About To End) (Remastered Album Version)
    3. Standin' By The Same Old Love (Remastered Album Version)
    4. Sleep's Dark And Silent Gate (Remastered Album Version)
    5. The Glow (Remastered Album Version)
    6. Bye Bye Baby (Remastered Album Version)
    7. The Boy Can't Help It (Remastered Album Version)
    8. (I Could Have Been Your) Best Old Friend (Remastered Album Version)
    9. You're Gonna Get What's Coming (Remastered Album Version)
    10. (Goin') Wild For You Baby

    Disc: 5

    1. Keep This Heart In Mind (Remastered Album Version)
    2. River Of Tears (Remastered Album Version)
    3. Can't Get Enough (Remastered Album Version)
    4. Willya Wontcha (Remastered Album Version)
    5. Let's Keep It Between Us (Remastered Album Version)
    6. Me And The Boys (Remastered Album Version)
    7. I Can't Help Myself (Remastered Album Version)
    8. Baby Come Back (Remastered Album Version)
    9. Talk To Me (Remastered Album Version)
    10. Green Lights (Remastered Album Version)

Bonnie Raitt - Original Album Series - 5 CD Box Set


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