Metallica - Exit Sandman - Vinyl

Metallica - Exit Sandman - Vinyl

Metallica - Exit Sandman - Vinyl


Renowned all over the world for fast heavy riffs, shuddering instrumentals, brash confident musicianship and superb song writing, these elements combined to inspire these stunning live performances.

This powerful new limited edition album on sand coloured vinyl features the greatest hits from the legendary live to air broadcasts between 1983 and 1996. These were the halcyon years when thrash metal ruled the world and long flowing hair was the uniform of the legions of fans.

Track Listing:

Side 1

1. Last Caress/So What? - MTV Europe Music Awards 1996
2. Until It Sleeps - Video Music Awards 1996
3. Wherever I May Roam - American Music Awards 1993
4. Enter Sandman - Grammy Awards 1992

Side 2
1. One - Grammy Awards 1989
2. Seek And Destroy - The Metro 1983 3. Enter Sandman - MTV Awards 1991

Metallica - Exit Sandman - Vinyl


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